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THE GATES OF AVALORE - Lead- KingSight Studios (Dir. David Mort)

SPEC - Lead - Turn Film Co (Dir. Joshua Carlin)

EVE OF ETERNITY - Lead - Lightform Film (Dir. Note Suwanchote)

HAGRIDDEN - Lead - Petrichor Productions (Dir. Tim Johns)

THE TOWER - Lead - Palisade Films (Dir. Josephine Estrada)

THE BITTER END - Lead - Video is The Future (Dir. Michael Gibson)

BORN OF MYTH - Lead - Jabour's Travels (Dir. James Tolliver)

GOOD COMPANY - Lead - Louie Productions (Dir. Tyler Lewis)

LIVING CREATURES - Lead - Sky Tiger Creative (Dir. Luke Zwan)

WOUNDS - Lead - Tendril Productions (Dir. David Mort)

VLAD & NICK (w/Falk Hentschel & Kim Leemans)-Supporting-PopMotion Pictures (Dir. Taylor Morden)

THE DINNER PARTY - Supporting - Night Owl (Dir. Cooper Fitch)

POWER DOWN - Supporting- Triple Echo Studios (Dir. A.T. Nguyen & Emery Thanathiti)

HUNKER DOWN - Supporting - (Dir. Irwin Hahn)

DON'T TOUCH ME -Lead -  Z Productions (Dir. Zoe Wassman)

BLOOD MONEY - Lead - One Tree Productions (Dir. Walter King)

DECLAN CARTER: MONSTER HUNTER - Supporting - Off Kilter Films (Dir. Quinn Larson)

JAGATH - Supporting - Single Cell Universe (Dir. Komal Bharadwaj)  

A MONSTER - Lead - Northern Visuals (Dir. Damian Byington)

FIRST ASSIGNMENT - Lead - Breakfast Steak Productions (Dir. Billy Dunst)

WE'RE FRIENDS, RIGHT? - Lead - In the Write Media (Dir. Andrew Frink)

WE NEED RENT MONEY - Supporting - Laitner Productions (Dir. Blake Laitner)
ALL THINGS Z, RAT HOSTAGE - Supporting - AllThingsZ (Dir. David Mort)


Meisner Technique: David Mort

Scene Study: Linda Burden Williams

Auditioning: Linda Burden Williams


Western & English dialect, Instruments (Drums, Piano, Trumpet), Prior Military, Stunts, Swordplay, Tae Kwon Do (Green Belt), Firearms (DoD Proficient Rating), Puppeteering, Firefighting (Structural & Airport), Boxing (novice), Composing, Music Production, Running, Weight Training

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